Profile Wrapping

If you are building for the future you need a surface that's ahead of its time

Chameleon Topcoatings offers PVC foils / laminates that are available in a rainbow of solid colors, commercial options and a variety of natural woodgrain designs. Laminates are Exterior grade and UV Protected films. And with its improved surface embossing your product has a scratch resistance and rich texture not available from other finish choices.

These foils are resistant to moisture, dryness, heat, cold and UV rays. They are designed for worldwide use and can withstand extreme conditions in all climate zones.

That means the surface - and your product - are extremely weather resistant. It will remain the attractive finish and gloss level over the life of the product without cracking, fading or chalking.

The composition of RENOLIT EXOFOL FX:

The exterior products Chameleon offers have superior print design and print quality. Great depth and precise design features give the window a very realistic real wood lock. They are less glossy than most traditional films. It shadows beautifully on the detail of profiles.

One of the most important features of Exterior Laminate is the Scratch Resistant (SR) coating on the product. It's a UV cured lacquer on the surface that protects the film through its life. Right from processing (starting with the white PVC "burn" that takes place when profiles are slid across each other on the racks) right through window assembly, packaging, warehousing, transportation, install and finally for the homeowner. The SR coating is a big plus.

In top Form - in any Climate
All designs of the current Foil films collection are requipped with the patented cool colors technology. It ensures that the profiles heat up much less, even in direct sunlight. A further development of the proven technology is the cool colors PLUS film. It is characterized by a 3-layer structure.

In contrast to conventional cool color films, the cool color PLUS film consists of three layers. This 3 layer structure makes it more efficient in reducing heat absorpotion, especially on dark surfaces.

Cool Colors Plus

These profile films are among the best quality coatings on the market. They have been proving their worth for years on window profiles under diverse climatic conditions.

Even in extreme artificial weathering tests, they regularly produce above-average results. With innovations such as "lifelike", "matt line", and "cool colors", they are continually setting new standards, both visual and technical.

Special color pigments reflect up to 80 percent of the radiation in the near infrared range, so that the heating-up of the profile surfaces is reduced by 20 percent or more - effectively for up to 15 degrees Celsius.

High quality products and dedicated service has been the basis of Chameleon Topcoatings success.

We have the most reputable wrapping equipment and use Polyurethane Reactive Hotmelt (PUR) adhesives. Once cross linking has occurred the glue can never be reactivated even under severe weather conditions.

Together with our team of highly trained laminators, and high quality suppliers, Chameleon Topcoatings Ltd has all your profile wrapping needs covered.

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